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IT Consultancy Services

Our Highly Qualified Professionals will weave a tailor made IT Architecture for your organisation… For success of any organization IT plays a major role. These days, when IT has shifted from support to core process, we certainly cannot take chances with IT operations. We at Xploro Technologies, with our vivid experience,…

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Web Solutions

At Xploro Technologies, we develop Web sites that enrich the look of your business and are professionally designed, unique in style, easy to use, convenient to navigate, fast to load and “search engine ready”. Through communication with you, we obtain an understanding of your business philosophy and build a Website…

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E-Commerce Solutions

So what does it takes to own a store? The answer is a system loaded with an e-commerce solution. With the latest market trend, we do not have to look for a physical shop for sales growth and enhancement. What we just need is an e-commerce solution, where the customer…

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ERP Solutions

Gone are the days of working in Silos and periodic updates. Nowadays, Organizations work as one unified team who believe in real time updates. All this has been possible because of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. A common database that supports all applications and looks consistent across its modules, is the…

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CRM Solutions

CRM – Customer Relationship Management. From the name itself it depicts that it is an application which actually manages your clientele or customer’s data and engagement in a well structured manner. This kind of application majorly caters service industry as it is more into mass customer engagement. When it comes…

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Mobile App Development

With smartphones in our hand, who really want to take pains to open a laptop and do the work. We want everything mobile friendly, be it banking, shopping, gaming, education and what not. Now, out of this mobile market major chunk comprises of Android and iOS the fastest growing platform…

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Hosting Solutions

We have a dedicated Data Centre based in US, Germany & India featuring servers with Windows and Linux Operating Systems. We are providing hosting solutions for more than 1000+ clients across the globe. Our plans starts from a mere 1 GB website hosting to multiple TB Dedicated Hard Core Server.…

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Domain Name & Email Hosting

Had a unique name in your mind but wondering how to get it registered?? Domain Name Registration We will help you starting from getting your domain registered to hosting it online. Our economical plans make it easy for you to keep it running. We are an authorized registrar for domain…

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Hosting Deals

High powered server plans are available in economical slabs for shared / VPS and Dedicated form. Windows and Linux

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SELECT DESIRED PLAN TO BUY Tier1 (WSH1) $30.00 USDTier2 (WSH2) $40.00 USDTier3 (WSH3) $65.00 USD

SELECT DESIRED PLAN TO BUY Tier1(LSH1) $25.00 USDTier2(LSH2) $35.00 USDTier3(LSH3) $50.00 USD

SELECT DESIRED VPS TO BUY Tier1 (WVPS1) $85.00 USDTier2 (WVPS2) $100.00 USDTier3 (WVPS3) $130.00 USDTier4 (WVPS4) $175.00 USDTier5 (WVPS5) $195.00 USD

SELECT DESIRED VPS TO BUY Tier1 (LVPS1) $70.00 USDTier2 (LVPS2) $85.00 USDTier3 (LVPS3) $100.00 USDTier4 (LVPS4) $130.00 USDTier5 (LVPS5) $175.00 USD

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