CRM Solutions

CRM – Customer Relationship Management. From the name itself it depicts that it is an application which actually manages your clientele or customer’s data and engagement in a well structured manner. This kind of application majorly caters service industry as it is more into mass customer engagement. When it comes to manufacturing or retail industry we need to upgrade the CRM application to a full fledged ERP solution, though ERP solutions are available in different aspects also, like for small scale industries to multi national companies. Currently we are serving follow sectors with our custom based CRM application:crm

  • Financial Customer Care Centres
  • Telecom Customer Care Centres
  • IT Customer Care Centres
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Tour & Travel ¬†Companies
  • Training & Education Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies
  • Non Governmental Organisations
  • Non Profit Organisations.
  • Courier Companies.
  • IT & Telecom Hardware Repairing Centres.

We weave the application as per the requirement of the industry and respective client. It is not a standard software to plug and play as otherwise it will lead to rigid working environment. We take time to analyse the business and get into a long term relationship with our client serving the best possible software solution to them. As it is a custom based application, it is more versatile and flexible to improve and enhance into various modules as per the future growth demands.

The major modules which our CRM software carries uniform are:

  • Customer Data Management
  • Sales Management
  • Product Management
  • Request/Complaint Management
  • Reporting in Unlimited possibilities
  • API based connections to existing possible applications or devices
  • RFID or Barcode based data management
  • After Sale Support
  • And Others…

It varies as per the requirement and industries. If you are really looking for an effective application and best people to work with contact us at or please click here for filling our “Reach out form”.

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