E-Commerce Solutions

So what does it takes to own a store? The answer is a system loaded with an e-commerce solution. With the latest market trend, we do not have to look for a physical shop for sales growth and enhancement. What we just need is an e-commerce solution, where the customer can look at the catalogue and place order, at the comfort of their home.

We are into development of e-commerce websites from a decade. We are using CMS based development like WordPress, Joomla etc., along with that we are into custom based application developed in .NET technology powered by C#. Our websites are enriched with responsive designs as we are using Bootstrap for the interface development along with animation using jquery.


An effective e-commerce solution should possess following features:

  • Scalable and customization
  • Search engine and social media friendly
  • A dedicated server deployment
  • Enable the seller to know real time sales
  • Attract customers with unique interface design
  • Provide a rich e-commerce experience

Yes! Needless to say, one stop solution for such engaging e-commerce is right here. Apart from the above mentioned features, our online store will also include the following:

  • Mobile friendly Interface
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Geo-location support
  • Automatic taxes
  • Shipping Calculations: Enable shipping option choices within your store.
  • Cart Calculator: You can enable a shipping calculator on the cart page.Shipping prices: Optionally hide shipping costs until an address is entered.
  • Flexible shipping destinations: Select from shipping address and billing address or only ship to users billing address.Restrict sales: Restrict shipping locations by country.
  • Multiple Shipping Methods: Flat rate, International Shipping, Local delivery, Local pickup or Automatic which chooses the cheapest method available. Or even offer free shipping.
  • Multiple Shipping Zones: Create multiple shipping zones and add any combination of shipping methods to any single zone.
  • Discount coupons and codes: Choose from fixed value or percentage off coupons. Allow for free shipping through the use of coupons and set the date a coupon should expire and can no longer be used.
  • Choose the coupon type you need: Cart discount (a fixed total discount for the entire cart), cart percentage discount (a percentage discount for the entire cart), product discount (a fixed total discount for selected products only), product percentage discount (a percentage discount for selected products only).
  • Product reviews: Enable or disable the ability for people to leave product reviews on your store.
  • Owner verification: Choose to allow reviews from verified customers only and show a verified customer label for reviews.
  • Reporting: Sales reports can show both net and gross amounts you’ve earned. We’ve added a print stylesheet, and added extra data on refunds to reports.
  • Dashboard: We’ve worked hard to make the store owner dashboard helpful. It includes sales orders, traffic and an at-a-glance status summary window.
  • Analyse products and orders: Gain insight into your products and orders. Track sales and growth trends.
  • Control customer account registration: Choose to allow customers to register on the checkout page or account page and/or display a returning customer login reminder on the checkout page.
  • Customer accounts: Allow customers to generate their username from their customer email, easing the account creation process.Automatic passwords: Decide if you want WooCommerce to automatically generate customer passwords for customers.
  • One-click refunds: By using the Simplify Commerce, PayPal payment gateway or any other supported gateway, you can offer pain-free refunds to customers.
  • Product variables: Select unit weight and dimensions

If you are really looking for an effective e-commerce website and best people to work with contact us at xploro@xplorotech.com or please click here for filling our “Reach out form”.

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